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Whether you’re facing the prospect of retirement, in the early stages of it, or an adult looking to help your mother, father, or family prepare, you need access to trusted resources and honest advice. Planning for retirement or seeking senior care can be daunting no matter what your circumstances or age. Having a partner to guide and advise you through the legal hoops, program options, and changing landscape of senior living can be a boon. With our years of experience, SeniorSmart can be your senior living guide. 

Learn More About SeniorSmart’s Mission

We base our approach to crafting senior living guides to help seniors and their families around five core values:

  • Honesty 
  • Value 
  • Inclusivity
  • Humility
  • Courage

Our mission is to provide the necessary and honest resources for making life management decisions. We take educating both seniors and their families about all aspects of retirement and senior living.

We strive to make our services reliable and accessible while pledging to treat all with respect and act honorably with customers, vendors, and investors. It’s through continually learning and being open to change that new ideas and best practices emerge.

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SeniorSmart Senior Living Guides

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, SeniorSmart was formed to bring education and access to a myriad of decisions facing the soon-to-be-retired, the already retired, and their adult children and loved ones. We provide access to senior services through a tiered platform: 

  • A free web-based self-directed services search program
  • An assisted search program
  • Personal concierge family case management

Everyone who has faced the complexity of retirement planning understands the value of a guide in financial planning. Medicare and its Medigap and Advantage premium plans, Social Security, and many other programs can confuse even the most astute adults. Often, families are unprepared to suddenly find a loved one a plan for care, either long-term or short. SeniorSmart membership brings confidence and clarity to that journey.

For those who are approaching retirement, financial and healthcare information can make the difference in retiring with confidence or uncertainty. SeniorSmart can help you make a plan for the full spectrum of financial, healthcare, and other retirement services. Reach out to us today at 205.460.1124 to learn more about the services and resources we can provide you and your family.