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couple reviewing a senior living magazineSeniorSmart magazine is a monthly benefit of membership. Timely information you need to learn more about entering retirement as well as getting the most out of it. (Read a sample of our current issue on this website.) Timely articles explore issues that are important to us. In clear but compelling language, SeniorSmart Magazine reports news, changes, and important advances in senior health, benefits, and lifestyle.

Senior Living Guide

Many people are unsure what to expect in retirement. Over the last few decades, retirement has changed drastically. There are now more choices to explore not just regarding how you will live in retirement and where but what are the benefits owed to you from your history of work.

It can be a challenge to educate yourself about all the different options. Also, individuals looking to retire or those in retirement need to be on top of changes and opportunities and their families need to learn more so they can help make the process smooth and enjoyable.

Perhaps the most important aspect of SeniorSmart Magazine is our mission to offer readers the best information about how to determine and achieve the lifestyle they desire in retirement. Not only do we offer relevant articles covering financial and retirement planning but also recreation activities like travel, golf, and health and wellness.

Making the transition to retirement can cause some anxiety. Individuals frequently find they have more time than they did before and how to fill that time. SeniorSmart Magazine gives new retirees and those already in retirement with a fresh understanding of what retirement can offer and how to stay active and engaged. 

Senior Living Resources

SeniorSmart Magazine publishes articles by subject experts who provide insight into senior health, finance, Medicare, and lifestyle. Our team of researchers, experts, advisors, and writers explores how senior living options are changing. We examine local and regional communities and facilities to show what they have to offer and how they are meeting the needs and desires of residents. You and your family can learn about and get a sense of what independent living communities have to offer as well as how they differ from continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) and assisted living. Plus, we explore what to expect from and when to consider memory care facilities or hospice care, offering unique but sensitive articles.

The SeniorSmart magazine is free with your membership subscription!

We will help you determine if, or when you may need memory care facilities or hospice care.

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