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Transition to senior living is a major life decision. It affects both you and your family. Fortunately, there are more options now than ever before to meet the needs of all adults approaching retirement as well as those currently retired. Learning more about the senior living resources available to you and your loved ones is key in getting the most out of your retirement years. 

Benefits of SeniorSmart Membership

Our monthly periodical SeniorSmart Magazine covers all the areas retirees and soon-to-be-retired adults are interested in. Not only will those who are considering retirement find in-depth but uncomplicated explanations of how to sign up for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security but individuals already retired keep up-to-date on policy changes affecting them.

Some other topics we routinely cover in SeniorSmart Magazine include:

  • Retirement planning and asset management: Do you know where your retirement money will come from? Do you understand the process of claiming benefits you’re due from the government as well as your past employers? Our articles regularly tackle these issues to make things clear and offer concise advice.
  • Senior Living: There is a myriad of senior living options available ranging from active 55+ communities to campus-like independent living to assisted living and healthcare-focused facilities. Learning about these options now better prepares you for decisions in the future.
  • Estate planning: As you move into retirement, it’s vital to know how your estate will be divvied up among your children or grandchildren. Discovering how to go through the process now can save a lot of emotional effort in the future and set your family at ease.

Readers can also find these topics explored on our website along with links to helpful resources and benefit explanations.

Our Concierge Services

You’ve probably heard the term “concierge,” but may not know exactly what it means. A French term, “concierge” refers to someone who is the keeper or caretaker of a building. Thus, you can understand why the term was originally associated with hotel management. However, the modern meaning of concierge has expanded to include providing the services to clients who are too busy, unable, or unwilling to do by themselves. Concierge services help clients with whatever challenges come their way. Concierge services at SeniorSmart provide personalized advice and guidance covering all areas of senior living and retirement.

For example, a one-year subscription ($8.95 monthly) to SeniorSmart provides:

  • Access to advice provided by experienced retirement experts.
  • Proprietary retirement plan summaries to guide your decision making.
  • A subscription to SeniorSmart Magazine
  • Regular updates on policy changes, and whitepapers suggesting possible retirement options.
  • Continuing education in the form of short courses to increase your retirement literacy and knowledge of your rights as you age.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of senior living options ranging from senior independent living to assisted living facilities near you or your family.
  • Access to special guest writers and speakers whose presentations range from how to get the most out of your finances in retirement to living the best active lifestyle you can.

Discover How Membership Is Right For You

SeniorSmart can help you and your loved ones make plans for the present and future covering the full spectrum of financial, healthcare, and other retirement services. We provide access to senior services through a tiered platform: 

  • Our monthly publication SeniorSmart Magazine
  • A free web-based, self-directed services search program
  • Subscription providing personalized concierge-level guidance 

Reach out to us at 833.303.0983 to learn more, or sign up online today. You’ll be able to explore our online resources, read our advice in SeniorSmart Magazine, and subscribe to get the customized service you need.