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a woman is happy to have a senior advisory membership with seniorsmartTransitioning to senior living is a major life decision. It affects both you and your family. Fortunately, there are more options now than ever before to meet the needs of all adults approaching retirement as well as those currently retired.

Benefits of SeniorSmart Membership

If you are considering retirement or are in the process of helping your mother, father, or another family member prepare for retirement, you will have questions. Navigating the sea of post-retirement healthcare and financial planning can be fraught with complicated bureaucratic challenges and even misinformation. At SeniorSmart, our goal is to provide seniors and their families with a resource they can trust to help guide them through. SeniorSmart is a trusted partner and advisor to seniors and their families no matter their circumstances, which can be particularly important. The legal pitfalls and constantly changing landscape of senior living can pose problems for even the savviest among us.

Our experienced team is here to act as your trusted senior living guide. SeniorSmart members who are considering retirement will find in-depth but uncomplicated explanations of how to sign up for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. If you are already retired, keep up-to-date on policy changes and learn about benefits in a variety of important subject areas.

Our Concierge Services

You’ve probably heard the term “concierge” but may not know exactly what it means. A French term, “concierge” refers to someone who is the keeper or caretaker of a building. Thus, you can understand why the term was initially associated with hotel management. However, the modern meaning of concierge has expanded to include providing services to clients who are too busy, unable, or unwilling to do by themselves. Concierge services help clients with whatever challenges come their way. Concierge services at SeniorSmart provide personalized advice and guidance covering all areas of senior living and retirement.

SeniorSmart’s concierge services are particularly useful when:

  • You or the senior in your life has undergone a sudden health change, such as when they have suddenly taken ill, or their health is rapidly deteriorating
  • You would like to put a comprehensive care plan in place for the future, whether for yourself or for the senior in your life
  • You would like to put a retirement plan in place, whether for yourself or for the senior in your life

The nurses, licensed long-term care professionals, and other staff in our SeniorSmart concierge services program all have extensive experience advising seniors and their families; we are care planning experts. At SeniorSmart, it is also a point of pride that we develop individualized plans for each of our members who opt to take part in our concierge services program. This means that our experts will construct a plan that is specific to your circumstances and individual needs. That plan will also provide a broad range of options for care services, recommend care providers from our extensive range of trusted partners, and make sure that you understand your financial options as you manage the long-term costs of growing older.

Discover How SeniorSmart Membership Is Right for You

If you or someone close to you is considering retirement and needs the help of an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, reach out to SeniorSmart today. We can help you and your loved ones make plans for the present and future covering the full spectrum of financial, healthcare, and other retirement services.
Reach out to us at 205.460.1124 to learn more, or sign up for a free consultation today. You’ll be able to explore our online resources, ask us any questions you may have, and begin getting the customized service you deserve right away.