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SeniorSmart Concierge personal consulting provides individuals and families information, guidance, and recommendations on the full spectrum of senior services.

Are Concierge Services Right for Me?

two people shaking hands during a luxury senior advisory services meetingBroadly, there are three instances when Concierge services may be appropriate. The service is very personalized and may expand to serve emerging needs. The first is when you are faced with an urgent need to make decisions regarding the care of a family member due to a sudden change.

  1. For example, Mom lives in a different city from her adult son. She has a health event such as hospitalization resulting from a fall, a cardiac event, or some other serious health care intervention. Following stabilization, the family must make some decisions about Mom’s ability to continue to live alone, have in-home help, move into a long-term care facility, or some other solution.

The hospital is requiring a discharge plan and the family is not prepared. What kind of care is needed; will she get better; what kind of insurance will cover it; how much will it cost…and dozens of other details that need to be answered quickly. A bad decision at this point can be financially costly or even hinder Mom’s recovery.

A SeniorSmart Concierge will help the family make the right decisions by reviewing the financial costs, evaluating the care options prescribed by the physician, recommending referrals to appropriate service providers, and helping the family manage the future.

  1. Adult children often notice issues in a parent’s life that trouble them but, deciding when (or if) to get involved in a parent’s life and care is hard. By having a candid discussion with your loved one early will provide everyone with peace of mind and ensure better outcomes when the need arises.

Creating a comprehensive care plan will allow for financial security and a better, happier quality of life. The stress of making decisions under pressure is avoided and planned decisions eliminate the risk of making financially costly mistakes.

A SeniorSmart Concierge will guide the family through options that can prepare everyone for the best solutions before the need is urgent. Again, the outcome is a better quality of life and less financial stress if a care plan is in place.

  1. SeniorSmart Concierge services are also beneficial as you are planning your own retirement choices. We can help you make plans that will protect your ability to control decisions about your health and financial risks later.

This includes assistance signing up for Social Security, Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, and referral for wills and other legal protocols to protect your family and ensure that you are making decisions for your own care.

SeniorSmart Concierge Services is staffed with skilled senior care professionals such as nurses and licensed long-term care professionals who are experienced in advising seniors and their families in care planning. If you decide to engage our services, we will discuss your specific need and circumstances and create a plan that meets your personal needs. The resulting Care Plan will also detail your options for care services, recommend care providers, and evaluate options for managing the long-term costs.

Learn More About SeniorSmart’s Concierge Services

Concierge services are fee-for-service. SeniorSmart provides our clients a comprehensive proposal with our exclusive “not-to-exceed” pricing guarantee. The Scope of Work and the price are clearly defined.

In some instances, providers (such as assisted living facilities and others) offer a “commission” for referral to companies like SeniorSmart. If these commissions are available, SeniorSmart will always use the commission to reduce the cost to you.

SeniorSmart never accepts rebates or commissions resulting from our referral.

The initial consultation is free. Call today at 205.460.1124 to discuss your needs with a SeniorSmart team member. Together, we can determine if Concierge Services are appropriate for you.