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couple looking for senior living professionals to help with retirement planningWe are all living longer. More and more Baby Boomers are retiring every year. Yet, retirement has changed over the years as have your expectations. Many Boomers expect to continue their quality of life and lifestyle into retirement. 

Demographically, we split into two distinct groups. There are those of us who have already retired and now face a myriad of decisions about healthcare, living on a fixed income, Social Security, Medicare, wills and trusts, healthcare, etc. Then there are those of us faced with caring for or at least advising an older relative or loved one as their life circumstances related to aging change. 

The founders and directors of SeniorSmart understand both sides because they are older and caring for loved ones who have healthcare issues. What they have found, is that there are plenty of resources available but finding them can be a hassle.

Who Can I Trust? 

SeniorSmart was born to provide a bridge to the elusive resources seniors want and need. We provide reliable information and competent analysis. More than a helpful digital resource chock-full of interesting and entertaining information; SeniorSmart is a real-time guide

Our organization is dedicated to providing help to folks just like you who want answers to specific questions. We have a staff of case managers and experienced professionals who can personally direct you to the right answers and help you avoid costly missteps along the way. 

SeniorSmart was created by healthcare and financial professionals with senior services experience who recognized the need for families to have access to objective, knowledgeable, and local information. 

SeniorSmart is objective. We do not accept commissions, fees, or rebates from referrals. We are not affiliated with any provider, insurance company, or investment services. We are completely free to advise our members without compromise. 

W Clay Simmons

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Direct: (205) 907-4533

Clay is a founding partner and serves as Chairman and CEO of SeniorSmart. He is also Chairman of the Board of Bradford Health Services, a Joint-Commission-accredited alcohol and drug treatment provider in multiple states.

Clay is a mental health professional with a master’s degree in psychology from Georgia Southern University and serves on national and state boards for public policy and practice. He is married with six children and twelve grandchildren.

A personal family experience managing Alzheimer’s dementia and other chronic health and aging issues for his aging parents led Clay to create SeniorSmart. His healthcare management leadership and his personal passion for excellence is integral to the SeniorSmart team.

Frank D Holden

Chief Operating Officer

Direct: (205) 746-7675

Frank is a senior health marketing and development professional with more than forty years’ experience in healthcare development and senior services. He is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of SeniorSmart.  His work was twice recognized by the American Hospital Association for excellence in healthcare communications.

Frank served as President of the Assisted Living Association of Alabama from 2001-2018 where he helped develop public policy and standards of professional excellence in senior services. His personal experience in caring for his father at home with hospice was a significant motivation in the development of SeniorSmart.

Frank was educated at the Memphis Academy of Art and the University of Memphis. He is married and has six grown children and thirteen grandchildren.

Michael A Lalor

Chief Financial Officer

Direct: (615) 337-2732

Michael is a financial strategist with three decades of experience in pharmaceutical, IT, manufacturing, private equity, and distribution industries. He specializes in financial and operational strategic planning.

Michael is a founding partner and serves as the Chief Financial Officer of SeniorSmart. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor of Arts from Birmingham Southern College.

He is committed to developing strategies that best serve the financial interests of seniors, particularly related to Medicare, Social Security, Financial Planning and Legal Planning. Michael is married with three adult children and two grandchildren.

Our Business 

The SeniorSmart website is free of charge. Self-directed research for information collated by our editors to make your search for information on aging, retirement, and healthcare informed and reliable. 

This includes access to personalized guides to finding resources and making retirement decisions with the help of a real person in Alabama. We’ll contact you either by email, telephone, or Zoom to discuss your needs. You will receive updates through email and social media notifications or through our app. These can help you make decisions about Medicare Advantage plans or signing up for Medicare or Social Security, or any of the dozens of other issues facing retirees. All of our services are entirely free.

Concierge Services 

For more complex issues, SeniorSmart case managers will work directly with members to craft a personalized plan for healthcare, retirement living, or a life care plan for a family member needing rational and affordable long-term solutions. 

As part of our concierge services, a SeniorSmart case manager will interview you and help you rank your priorities; healthcare, security, cost, location, and eligibility for services that fit your needs and resources. 


Discover what we have to offer today by reaching out to contact us at 205.460.1124. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal at SeniorSmart is to provide you and your family with the resources necessary to make the most informed decisions possible about retirement.